Author: Larry Tracey

  • Gratitude


    What if someone gave you an easy way to become more upbeat, positive, and energized? Would you take advantage of it? Scientists now know people who practice gratitude and appreciation reap many benefits, such as improved physical and psychological health, increased energy, reduced stress, improved quality of sleep, and mental strength. Gratitude reduces negative emotions…

  • The Do Not Do List

    The Do Not Do List

    A Revolutionary Concept to Kickstart the New Year As the new year unfolds, we find ourselves immersed in the timeless tradition of seeking a fresh start—a cultural practice that has spanned over 200 years in our Western society. Many Americans embrace the spirit of self-improvement, often manifested in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. As…

  • Teen Drug Trends

    Teen Drug Trends

    Drug abuse among teenagers is a growing concern worldwide, and it is imperative that parents, grandparents, teachers, and community leaders take an active role in preventing it. Substance abuse can lead to various health, social, and legal problems, and educating young people about the dangers of drugs is important. Popular Drugs Among Teens Teens’ most…

  • The Three Keys of Success

    The Three Keys of Success

    The Three Keys of Success, combined blog from Main Street Magazine’s articles written by Larry Tracey, founder of Youth4Youth.

  • The Gift of a Mentor

    The Gift of a Mentor

    What two words make you cringe more than “public speaking”? You may be able to name a few, but for many people the fear of this is real, myself included. So, to help with my fear, I joined a club that makes you give public speeches to improve on this. The odd thing about this…

  • Testing Hot – Update

    Testing Hot – Update

    Last January, I published an article written shortly after getting off the phone with a mother whose twenty-five-year-old son had tested “hot” for opioids. This mom was beginning to lose hope because he had been admitted into drug treatment centers multiple times. She was now wondering if she would become part of an exclusive club…

  • Creating Purpose

    Creating Purpose

    The teen brain focuses on risk and excitement.  As parents, grandparents, or caring adults, there are times when we must Get in the Way and be the guiding force—and at times—foil these high-risk situations teens create or put themselves in. Get in the Way Tips were created to make raising kids easier and help you…

  • Roadblocks to Change

    Roadblocks to Change

    As a teen, my mission in life was to never be like my father. The worst day of my life was the day I realized I was just like him. That was the day I realized I had to do more than think I wanted to be different…I had to do something to become different…and that is how my worst…

  • Verbalize Your Expectations Often

    Verbalize Your Expectations Often

    Get in the Way Quick Tip #1 So who has the most influence on a teen’s choice to use drugs or alcohol? The answer: parents and peers. I mention peers just momentarily, as we’ll talk about the “peer factor” in an upcoming segment. But for now, who your kids hang with or associate with should…

  • Testing Hot

    Testing Hot

    When a Loved One is Addicted I just got off the phone with a mother whose twenty-five-year-old son has relapsed; he just tested “hot” for opioids. The more I listened the more my heart grew heavy for her and her situation. She is beside herself to say the least. He is being admitted into drug…

  • “Get in the Way” — Discover the Meaning

    “Get in the Way” — Discover the Meaning

    Say Something, Do Something Have you seen the hand? Many have and now they want to know what does Get in the Way actually mean? Here’s one valuable insight: The teen brain focuses on risk and excitement. Our job as parents, grandparents, and caring adults is to Get in the Way or foil a teen’s…

  • Opioid Crisis Update

    Opioid Crisis Update

    Facts You Need to Know Physical pain has a tremendous impact on the lives of millions of Americans, many of whom have been prescribed opioids to relieve their suffering. However, we now know these pain relievers are highly addictive; so much so that we now find ourselves in an “opioid crisis.” Reducing youth access to…