• Gratitude


    What if someone gave you an easy way to become more upbeat, positive, and energized? Would you take advantage of it? Scientists now know people who practice gratitude and appreciation reap many benefits, such as improved physical and psychological health, increased energy, reduced stress, improved…

  • The Do Not Do List

    The Do Not Do List

    A Revolutionary Concept to Kickstart the New Year As the new year unfolds, we find ourselves immersed in the timeless tradition of seeking a fresh start—a cultural practice that has spanned over 200 years in our Western society. Many Americans embrace the spirit of self-improvement,…

  • Teen Drug Trends

    Teen Drug Trends

    Drug abuse among teenagers is a growing concern worldwide, and it is imperative that parents, grandparents, teachers, and community leaders take an active role in preventing it. Substance abuse can lead to various health, social, and legal problems, and educating young people about the dangers…

  • A Lethal Experiment

    A Lethal Experiment

    Experimenting with drugs is more dangerous than ever. With 6 out of 10 counterfeit pills in 2022 containing enough fentanyl to potentially kill your child (just 2 mg), as found by the DEA, there is a 60% chance of one pill destroying your child’s life.…

  • The Three Keys of Success

    The Three Keys of Success

    The Three Keys of Success, combined blog from Main Street Magazine’s articles written by Larry Tracey, founder of Youth4Youth.

  • The Gift of a Mentor

    The Gift of a Mentor

    What two words make you cringe more than “public speaking”? You may be able to name a few, but for many people the fear of this is real, myself included. So, to help with my fear, I joined a club that makes you give public…

  • The Power of Hope and Optimism

    The Power of Hope and Optimism

    Can you believe it? It is November! The leaves have changed, and the weather has cooled down. It is the season we all look forward to in Arizona—fall and another year is ending. It is the time to reflect and feel grateful for all the…

  • Facts You Need to Know About Counterfeit Pills and Our Teens

    Facts You Need to Know About Counterfeit Pills and Our Teens

    Marissa received a call from a family member telling her a picture of her 15-year-old son Issaiah is circulating on Snapchat, and he’s passed out. The post said he took a Percocet. She got a call informing her what hospital her son was at, and…

  • Back-to-School Tips

    Back-to-School Tips

    Adjusting After the COVID-19 Chaos of 2020 It’s that time again, time to hear the morning rush. “Time to get up! Where is my backpack? Did you brush your teeth? Did you pack your lunch? Let’s go, we are going to be late!” Yup, it…

  • ACEs


    What if I told you the new gateway to addiction is something that cannot be smoked, swallowed, snorted, or injected; and your child may have been exposed to it and not even know it. The cartels cannot make it and dealers cannot sell it, but…

  • This is Why I Carry

    This is Why I Carry

    I carry it because my friend was not a junkie. I carry it because the doctor said it was safe. I carry it because others do not. I carry it for your child. I carry it for over 70 Arizona youth that died last year…

  • Catch Me

    Catch Me

    The WOW Coalition and Youth4Youth are working with 8th graders at multiple local schools helping youth develop social-emotional life skills. The program called THRIVE, is a resiliency program designed to empower teens with knowledge and tools to divert high-risk behavior and thrive in today’s culture.  Today’s…